Thursday, August 12, 2010


Bonjour Mes amis or something like that. I'm back, but this time in Paris. I actually posted more pictures, but only 2 at a time would show up! Technology! UGH!
Heather flew in today from Frankfurt and we hit the road on foot again. We went to the Eiffel Tower and then to the Arch de Triomph (It's late and i am not going to correct my spelling! Ha!) Napolean had it built in 1806 for the soldiers to pass thru when returning from war. It is the site of their tomb of the unknown soldier. We walked down the champs elyssee a street know for it's very expensive stores...Louis Vitton, etc... No I did not buy anything! Darn! Afterwards, we found a sidewalk cafe for dinner and enjoyed the tower lights at night. Tomorrow, we are joining a walking tour of Paris...did I say walking? No, not again! 3 1/2 hours today almost killed us! We are then going on a Seine River cruise with our croissants and whatever we find that looks good...perhaps, ice cream?yum! Paris never sleeps, but I'm not Paris and I'm going to bed! Bon Nuit (goodnight) and au revoir! love, Deb

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